Transport Information for Jalsa Salana UK – 2018



Heathrow & Gatwick Airports:
London has two main airports, Heathrow and Gatwick. The distance from Fazl Mosque to Heathrow & Gatwick is 16 & 32 miles respectively. From Baitul Futuh 20 & 22 miles respectively by car. Members of the Reception Team will be present at both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports to render any assistance that guests may require. Guests are requested to approach and wait at the ‘Meeting Point’ in the arrival lounge. In no circumstances guests should leave the lounge, unless they have their own transport arrangements.
During the hospitality period, Free Transport will be provided to all guests arriving from abroad at Heathrow & Gatwick Airports, transporting them to Hadeeqatul Mahdi/Baitul Futuh. Since Jalsa Salana takes place during the holiday period, guests may encounter difficulties in booking their return flights. In order to avoid any inconvenience guests should ensure confirmation of return bookings are done, before departing from your home countries. If
transport is required for a return journey within the hospitality period, please contact the Transport Desk in advance to make a reservation .
1) Guests arriving at airports other than Heathrow & Gatwick, are requested to make their own transport arrangements. You may use public transport to arrive at Baitul Futuh or Hadeeqatul Mahdi.
2) All National Ameers are requested to advise Afsar Jalsa Salana with regards to the arrival dates of their guests, number of persons coming (Male, Female and children), flight numbers, times, name of airports & terminals where flights are arriving etc, prior to departure from home country. The above information should reach the Afsar Jalsa Salana, by email or fax..

Stansted Airport:
Details of the public transport available from Stansted Airport to Baitul Futuh are as follows:
By Taxi:
One-way fare is approximately £80 – £90. Rail fare is cheaper than Taxi and coach fare is cheaper than rail fare.
By Rail Service:
Stansted Express Rail service leaves for London Liverpool Street Station every 15 minutes. One direct ticket can be bought from Stansted to Morden Station. On arrival at Liverpool Street Station, take the Underground Central Line (Red) to Bank Station; change here to the Northern Line (Black) for Morden Station. After coming out of Morden Station take right turn onto London Road. Baitul Futuh is 8—10 minutes walk away.
By Coach:
Coaches leave for Victoria Bus/Underground Station every half an hour.

By Underground:
1) At Victoria Underground Station, take Victoria Line (Light Blue) towards Brixton and change at Stockwell Station for Northern Line (Black) to Morden Station.
2) At Victoria Underground Station, take District Line (Green) towards Wimbledon Station. Outside Wimbledon Station, take the Bus number 93 heading towards North Cheam. Leave at Morden South Station stop. From this bus stop Baitul Futuh Mosque is near by.
3) An underground map is enclosed for your convenience. For further information, please contact Jalsa Salana Office or consult the Jalsa Salana website.
Entry from other points into UK:
Guests arriving via seaport, rail or coach should make their own way to Baitul Futuh or Hadeeqatul Mahdi. Guests travelling by cars who wish to park their vehicles at Hadeeqatul Mahdi, will need to get a pass from Office
Car Pass. It will not be possible to enter the car park without a pass.

Note: Guests (except UK)
1) For guests residing at Baitul Futuh, coaches will only leave for Hadeeqatul Mahdi (Alton) from Baitul Futuh on 2nd August 2018 (Thursday) and return to London on 6th August  2018 (Monday). Guests are requested to contact the Transport Offices for correct timings & reservation.
2) Guests staying with relatives/friends however should make their own transport arrangements

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Shuttle service from

Baitul Futuh Mosque & Fazal Mosque to surbiton station

during 3 jalsa days at these times.
Friday 0930 till 1130 Return1930 till 0000
Sat. 0800 till 1130. Return 1930 till 0000
Sun. 0800 till 1130. Return. 1930 till 0000

Travel Options:

Baitul Futuh to Fazl Mosque:
1) Take bus number 93 heading towards Putney Bridge from Morden South Station stop. At Wimbledon Bus Station stop and change bus number to 156 heading towards Vauxhall, leave the bus at The Park Tavern stop. Fazl Mosque is 7 – 8 minutes walk along Granville Road
towards Gressenhall Road on right side.
2) Take bus number 93 heading towards Putney Bridge from Morden South Station stop. At Wimbledon Hill Road stop, change bus to 493 for Richmond, Manor Circus, leave the bus at the Southfields Station stop. Walk about 5 minutes along Wimbledon Park Road then take left on to Pulborough Road, go straight (7 – 8 minutes) to reach Fazl Mosque on Gressenhall Road.
Alton Railway Station to Hadeeqatul Mahdi under Jama’at’s Arranged Transport
Hadeeqatul Mahdi is 3 miles away from National Rail Station, Alton. Shuttle services will be running continuously between Alton Station & Hadeeqatul Mahdi during the three days of Jalsa Salana.
Baitul Futuh to Alton Railway Station by Public Transport
Take bus number 93 heading towards Putney Bridge from Morden South Station stop. Leave the bus at Wimbledon Station bus stop. Take National Rail

Fazl Mosque to Alton Railway Station by Public Transport
From Fazl Mosque reach Southfields Underground Station by taking route mentioned earlier (Southfields Station to Fazl Mosque). Take Underground rail for Wimbledon Station and then board National Rail for Alton.
Transport Policy:
Cars and Other Vehicles
It is strongly encouraged that you should use public transport OR the specially arranged buses to travel to Jalsa Gah. However, if you wish to use your own vehicle to come to Jalsa, this section explains the rules to apply for a Car Pass.
Hadeeqatul Mahdi is located in a village area and therefore access for cars is restricted. The Jama’at have agreed plans with the Local Authority, Police and Highway Authorities to control cars coming to and leaving from Hadeeqatul Mahdi during Jalsa. It is VERY IMPORTANT that Jama’at members comply with these rules, obey driving regulations including speed and drive in a considerate way at all times. Failure to do so will result in damage to the Jama’at’s
reputation and put the holding of Jalsa at Hadeeqatul Mahdi at risk.

Please note that these rules are subject to change and it is strongly recommended that you look at the Jalsa Salana UK Website for any updates or changes.
Please also note that Jama’at accepts no liability for loss or damage to any vehicle that enters any Jama’at premises. Parking or driving your vehicle in Jama’at premises is done at your own risk.
Special Road Signs for Jalsa
There will be special signs marked “Jalsa Salana” as you drive near to Hadeeqatul Mahdi. They will also show the signs to the car parking area. Please follow the relevant colour of the pass for your entrance .

Main Car Park

The Main Car Park for Jalsa Salana is outside of the Jalsa Salana Arena and is located at Country Market Car Park, Borden, Hampshire GU35 0QP.The special road signs will direct you to the car park if you follow the YELLOW passes signs. There will be a very regular and comfortable shuttle bus service running constantly from the Car Park to Jalsa Gah and also back to the Car Park whenever you wish to return to your car.

Overseas Guests
If you are a member of the Jama’at outside of the UK and coming to the Jalsa in your own vehicle, we recommend that you apply to park at the Main Car Park.
However, you may also apply to park in the Hadeeqatul Mahdi Car Park as our guest. To apply for a Car Pass, you MUST follow the following procedure.
From 1st June 2018 there will be form available to all National Jama’ats and also available on the Jalsa Salana UK website which you must complete. It is better if you type the information into the form. This form must be signed/stamped as shown on the form by the National Amir/President or General Secretary of your National Jama’at. Please send this Form to Afsar Jalsa Salana Car pass Office by email or fax (see contact details) All forms received before 30th June 2018 will be processed by 15th July 2018. You will receive an email from This will be your confirmation of your pass. You
can use this to collect a car pass from our office when you arrive OR if you do not have time to collect your pass, you can print this email and then arrive at Hadeeqatul Mahdi and our team will check your details and allow you to park in Hadeeqatul Mahdi.
Please note that if you are hiring a vehicle when you arrive, you should explain this in your application and the same procedure will apply. However, you must ensure that at all times, you bring your identification with you, as you will receive security checks when you arrive at Hadeeqatul Mahdi.

Disabled UK Jama’at Members
If you are a disabled member of the Jama’at, you can apply for parking at Hadeeqatul Mahdi Disabled Car Park. There is a limited number of parking spaces so, only deserving applicants would be able to park. Please provide proof of illness to your president.
ALL APPLICATIONS must be made through your Local Jama’at President. The applications must be submitted between 1st June 2018 and 27th June 2018. If you do not apply by the deadline, then you will experience delays and difficulties. The car pass office cannot be responsible for any difficulties if you do not apply by the deadline.
The information that you must give to your President includes:
 The Name, AIMS number, Car Registration Number and Mobile Number of the disabled person. The car pass MUST be issued in their name.
 Current Local Authority Disability Parking Badge or Proof of Disability.
 Letter of request giving details of your disability and why you need to park in Hadeeqatul Mahdi.
UK Jama’at Members
All UK Jama’at members can apply for their car pass through their local President after 1st June 2018. The President is authorised to issue the pass directly to you but you must give them the following information:
 Name
 AIMS Number
 Car Registration Number

Staying in Tents at Hadeeqatul Mahdi
If you are staying in the Jama’at tents, your private tent or hired tents at Hadeeqatul Mahdi, you may apply for a car pass by 27th June 2018. Your application must be made in writing giving the following details: Your name, AIMS, car registration number and mobile number.

Vehicles Requiring Power or Special Facilities
If you have a special vehicle or you are bringing a motor home or other vehicle that requires special facilities, you must apply in writing giving details of your requirements. The deadline to apply is 27th June 2018. After this time, there may be a delay in processing your application and you may have to come to our office in person.

There are special rules for those that require their vehicle to enter Hadeeqatul Mahdi. Applications must be submitted to your Nazim from 1st June 2018.
There are significant restrictions on passes and you may not receive the pass that you have requested. Please do not contact the Car Passes Office directly as all applications will be processed according to a procedure through your Nazim/ Naib Afsar.
Driving Rules
Please ensure that you follow the laws and driving regulations of the UK. Further details may be found at However, some basic rules include the need for you to have a valid driving licence, insurance for your vehicle, speed limits (please remember that around Hadeeqatul Mahdi, the maximum speed is 30 mph (48 kph) and you should consider getting breakdown cover and also understand the meaning of the different road signs.

Any Question or Queries
Email: You may contact Afsar Jalsa Salana for Car Pass information by email at any time of the year on
Telephone: Car pass office telephone line is expected to be open from 15th June 2018 but it is recommended that you see updates on the website.
The telephone number is 020 86877872 / Fax: The fax number is 020 86877880
Post: Afsar Jalsa Salana UK, Car Pass Office, Baitul Futuh, 181 London Road, Morden, Surrey SM4 5HF





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