Health & Safety

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The following rules apply to all people present on site at all times whether they are managers, employees, volunteers, contractors, guests, visitors or participants. Everyone has legal responsibilities for the health and safety of themselves and others. No one is exempt from these responsibilities. Failure to comply can lead to legal action by the local authority and/or disciplinary action by the Jamaat.

  • Everyone on site must follow on-site instructions, e.g. speed limits, no smoking signs.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on site. It is against the law to smoke in enclosed workplaces, such as marquees, offices, toilets and work vans.
  • There must be no interference with safety equipment, e.g. fire extinguishers, door closers, safety signs, cable covers.
  • Everyone must co-operate with management and members of the Health and Safety Committee in matters relating to health and safety.
  • All work must be done in compliance with the law and in accordance with any guidance, statutory requirement or good practice.
  • All work must be carried out in a safe manner and workers must wear the appropriate protective equipment, e.g. high visibility vests in construction zones.
  • All workers must co-operate with the enforcement authority such as local authorities, police and fire authority.
  • Any unsafe working practices must cease immediately and a member of management or the health and safety committee must be informed.
  • Any accidents, injuries or dangerous occurrences must be reported to the health and safety committee.
  • There must be no unauthorised or misuse of equipment e.g. no untrained personnel to operate the forklift trucks, cherry pickers, cranes etc; no unauthorised use of electric buggies, no riding on side of vehicles and no riding on trailers etc.
  • No unauthorised personnel are to direct large or service vehicles, e.g. acting as banks man for a lorry driver.


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