Who can attend Jalsa Salana UK 2022


As you are aware the UK Jama’at will, inshallah, be holding its 56th Jalsa Salana beginning Friday 5th August to 7th August. Insha‘Allah

With regards to attendance please note the following:

UK members: Huzur Aqdas(aba) has graciously relaxed restrictions for all UK
Members that they may attend all three days as per earlier instructions.

Overseas members: Unless an overseas member has prior approval for attending the UK Jalsa they will not be permitted to attend – members should therefore advise their overseas relatives/friends accordingly. Furthermore, if relatives/friends do not have prior approval and are thinking of travelling to the UK for the Jalsa then such travel should not be undertaken to avoid disappointment. Please advise all members of this to enable the Jalsa to run smoothly.

We are receiving many queries from those who do not have a valid UK AIMS card and wish to attend the Jalsa Salana.

• UK members should contact their local Jammat President who will assist them in ‘The Jalsa Salana registration validation process’. Please note validation process may take a few days, so members who require this validation should contact their local presidents as soon as possible.

• Overseas Guests who have arrived in the UK prior to 25th July must contact the local president in the area where they reside and request them to apply to Jalsa Salana UK for their validation to attend Jalsa Salana 2022. Again this validation process may take a few days so guests are advised to contact their local presidents as soon as possible.

• Tabligh guests will not be able to attend Jalsa Salana UK this year.


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