Jalsa Salana UK 2024: Important Information


We are excited to announce the dates for Jalsa Salana UK 2024, an event eagerly awaited by Ahmadi Muslims worldwide. Please mark your calendars for the following dates:

Jalsa Salana UK Dates:

  • Friday, 26th July 2024
  • Saturday, 27th July 2024
  • Sunday, 28th July 2024

Jalsa Registration Office: The Jalsa Registration Office at Baitul Futuh Mosque will commence its operations from Thursday, 12th July 2024, starting at 11 am until Isha Prayer.

Important Registration Information:

  1. UK members with AIMS Cards: Members in possession of their AIMS Cards are entitled to entry into the Jalsa Salana arena. If you do not have an AIMS Card, please contact your local President immediately for assistance.
  2. Overseas Members with Computerised Tajneed Cards: Overseas members from countries with computerised Tajneed Systems can use their cards for entry. However, please verify with your National Amir/President before departure. Alternatively, bring an introductory letter from your Amir along with your passport.
  3. Overseas Members without Computerised Tajneed Cards: Members from countries without a computerised card system must obtain their Jalsa Salana registration cards from the Registration Office at Baitul Futuh or Hadeeqatul Mahdi upon arrival in the UK. Registration requires a passport and a verified invitation or permission letter by the respective National Ameer/President.
  4. Overseas members from Pakistan: Members from Pakistan will be registered based on an introductory letter issued by Wakalat Tabshir Rabwah and their passport. Please obtain your Jalsa Salana registration cards from the Registration Offices at Baitul Futuh or Hadeeqatul Mahdi upon arrival.

Invitation: Ahmadi Muslims from around the globe are invited to attend Jalsa Salana UK. Guests from outside the United Kingdom (except Pakistan) must bring a “Letter of Invitation” issued by their National Amir/President.

Hospitality Period: The UK Jama’at extends its hospitality to guests not from Pakistan for a period of two weeks, from Saturday, 20th July to Friday, 02th August 2024. Guests from Pakistan will be provided boarding and lodging for four weeks, commencing from Saturday, 13th July to Friday, 09th August 2024.

Note: Guests arriving before or staying after the hospitality period should make their own arrangements for boarding and lodging. Limited accommodation will be available at Baitul Futuh during the hospitality period.

Download Jalsa Booklet: For further details and to download the Jalsa booklet, please click on the links below:

English Version

Urdu Version

We look forward to welcoming you to Jalsa Salana UK 2024, a gathering of spirituality, knowledge, and unity.


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