Jalsa Salana UK 2022 Registration


UK Jalsa – Registration

I pray you are well. The UK Jama’at will, Inshallah, be holding its Jalsa Salana on 5-7 August 2022 at Hadeeqatul Mehdi. However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation attendance will again be restricted with members only being allowed to attend one of the three Jalsa days.

Attendance will be by advance registration only and a pass will then be issued for a specific day.
Members who wish to attend must register at https://ahmadiyya.uk/jalsa2022 and complete the form. Please note that:
• Members must specify only one day for their attendance;
• If different members of the same household wish to attend on different days then a
separate online form must be completed for each group. However please only request
one day per member. If we receive multiple applications for the same member for
different days, then a pass will only be allocated for one of the selected days.
• All members need to register and complete the online form – including office holders
and Jalsa duty staff.
• There is no lower age limit. An upper age limit has been set at 80 years – so those aged
81 years and over are not permitted to attend Jalsa.
We will try our best to accommodate all members who apply for a pass, but as numbers are
restricted this may not be possible in all cases. Members will be informed if their application is
successful and passes will be issued ahead of Jalsa Salana.
All members attending Jalsa aged 12 years or over must have proof of being fully vaccinated
and all those aged 18 years or over must have had all available booster jabs as well. The Jalsa
will be held with full SOPs in place and further details of this will be circulated later on.


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