Jalsa Salana 28th-30th July 2023: Inspection Survey


We hope you had a memorable and enriching experience at the Jalsa Salana UK held from 28th to 30th July 2023. As we strive to continuously improve and enhance the event, we kindly request your valuable feedback through a simple survey conducted by our Jalsa team.

Your feedback is of utmost importance to us as it helps us gauge your overall experience, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that future Jalsa Salana events exceed your expectations.

Rest assured, the survey is completely anonymous, and no personal data will be collected during the process. Your candid responses will be used solely to understand your views and suggestions.

The survey will cover various aspects of the Jalsa, including logistics, facilities, speakers, programs, and overall organization. We encourage you to participate and share your thoughts openly, as your feedback holds immense value in shaping the future of this spiritual gathering.

Your cooperation in taking a few moments to complete the survey will contribute significantly to the success of future Jalsa Salana events.

We sincerely thank you for being part of this unique and spiritually uplifting experience, and we look forward to hearing your valuable feedback.

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