Inaugural Speech of Jalsa Salana UK 2019


Summary Points of the Inaugural Speech of Jalsa Salana UK 2019 by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (atba)

1. Without actions our chain of acceptance of the promised Messiah (as) would be futile.
2. It is necessary for us to assess our own actions and deeds, to see whether they are in line with our claim.
3.If we are in complete obedience to the teachings of God, He would not let any of our actions go in vain.
4. We must compare our conditions with the standards set by God Almighty Himself.
5. God Almighty has sent the promised Messiah (as) to set the standard of faith and it is incumbent on us to strive to reach those standards.
6. On the three days of Jalsa Salana, we must focus on improving our faith to be in line with the expectations of the promised Messiah (as)
7. Without righteousness on cannot begin yo tread the path of improving one’s faith.
8. Purity and righteousness are the fundamental requirements that would stop one from indulging in immoral activities.
9. Man-made laws cannot prevent someone from committing sins.
10. If a righteous person has conviction that God is always seeing them, they would never commit sin.
11. God Almighty ends all avenues to sin when a person displays true fear of God.
12. Angels descend on people who remain steadfast in the face of trials and tribulations.

13. The promised Messiah (as) was sent to the world because righteousness had disappeared from the face of the earth.
14. God Almighty sent the Promised Messiah (as) so that he might be a source of displaying God’s Majesty on earth.
15. A truly righteous believe doesn’t not overlook his own shortcomings no matter how insignificant they might appear.
16. It will be foolish to think that one would be saved by merely claiming to accept the Promised Messiah (as)
17. If an illiterate person has righteousness in them, they would be highly honourable to God Almighty
18. A truly righteous Person is one who has all the highest qualities of morality in them.
19. The similitude of God’s protection of a righteous servant is like that of a lion and it’s cub.
20. A worshipper must have true conviction that they are in the presence of their Lord.
21. The wishes and desires of a true believer are always in line with the teachings of God Almighty.
22. We should not expect to be deserving of salvation if we have not done the utmost to attract the Mercy and compassion of God.
23. God is never content with mere acceptance of a message unless it is followed by sincere deeds.
24. One should not be content that they have done a good deed unless it is solely for the pleasure of God Almighty.
25. When we repent, God Almighty tests us to see if we have displayed any changes in our deed.
26. The purpose of this community is to enable us to improve in our spiritual and moral standards.
27. Good deeds are like wings that enable a believer to reach the highest heights of righteousness.
28. Faith and righteousness have completely disappeared from the world and God has sent the promised Messiah (as) to re – establish them.
29.Simply preventing oneself from committing a sin is not a quality worthy of praise.
30. Trained animals learn to obey their masters, but mankind is such that they disobey God Almighty.
31. Prayer is mandatory in order for us to overcome the inclination to committing sins.
32. The remembrance of God enables us to understand His Majesty , thereby motivating us to worship Him.
33. We must keep our prayers and deeds exactly in line with the practice of the Holy prophet Muhammad (saw).
34. Perform all your supplication in your prayers keeping in mind, all the etiquettes of salaat (prayer)
35. Always read the Holy Quran, understanding it to be the word of God and complete code of life.
36. One must not associate themselves with the promised Messiah (as) if their actions are not in line with his teachings.
37. When God befriends a believer, no worldly force can shake their faith.

*Compiled as displayed on MTA*


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