IMPORTANT: UK Jalsa Update from Amir Sahib


I hope and pray that you are in the best of health, Amin.

Please note the following:

1. Parking for invited members: For the peace of mind and convenience of our members who have been invited to attend Jalsa, and keeping in mind the current weather conditions and parking situation in Hadeeqatul Mehdi, we have arranged parking at Country Market from 8.00am Friday morning. Numbers are limited so this is available on a first come first serve basis. A regular shuttle service will operate from there to the Jalsa site.

2. Covid Vaccination: The second Covid vaccination must have been received by invited members by 21 July (as it takes at least two weeks for the vaccine to be effective). Those vaccinated after will not be allowed on site.

3. Covid Passes: If invited members cannot provide a copy of their Covid vaccination pass then they will not be allowed on site. As the mobile signal can be poor members are advised to either:
a. download a PDF copy of the pass on to their phone; or
b. save a screenshot of their Covid pass on their phone; or
c. have a printed copy of their Covid pass.

By doing so they will have no problems showing their pass when asked by duty staff.

Please circulate these instructions to all members immediately. Jazakallah. May Allah bless the Jalsa with success. Ameen.

Wassalam Rafiq Hayat Amir UK

Country Market Address
Malthouse & Osborne Farms
Kingsley, Bordon.
Hampshire. GU35 0QP


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