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Ahmadis from all over the world are invited to attend the Jalsa Salana UK. Guests from outside the United Kingdom, must bring a “Letter of Invitation” issued by their National Amir/ President. The Pakistani Nationals should bring Letter of Introduction issued by Vakeel-ul-Tabsheer Rabwah, Pakistan.

Non-Ahmadi friends may also be invited to attend the Jalsa. How ever, it is very important that prior written permission is obtained from the Officer Jalsa Salana, so as to avoid any inconvenience at the time of entry.


London has two main Airports, Heathrow and Gatwick. Distance from Baitul Futuh to both of them is 23 km and 25 km respectively. Members of Reception Team will be on duty at London Heathrow, Gatwick Airports to render any assistance that the visitors may require. Please inform Officer Jalsa Salana about the date of arrival, Flight Number and other relevant information well in advance. On arrival at the Airport, the guests are requested to go to the meeting point in the Arrival Lounge and wait for the member of the reception team. In no circumstances the guest should leave the lounge unless they have their own transport arrangements.

First Aid/Medical Practice

During the “Hospitality Period” doctors will be in attendance at Baitul Futuh and London Mosque during fixed times. The timings will be displayed outside the respective dispensaries.. Help for minor ailments will be provided free of charge. However, if hospital care is needed the guests will be required to pay the charges to hospital directly.

It should be noted that the medical treatment is very expensive in the UK. Members from overseas are strongly advised to ensure they have adequate medical insurance coverage during their stay in the UK.

A written prescription is needed from a Registered UK doctor before medicines can be bought in the UK. If you are likely to require medicines in the UK you are advised to bring a certificate from your own doctor indicating the nature of your illness and the medicines you are regularly taking. This information will be needed by the doctor before he will be able to help you in obtaining medicines.

Lost & Found Property

If you find or loose money or any valuables please report to the Jalsa Lost Property Office.


Laundry facilities are NOT available at Baitul Futuh / Islamabad (Tilford) or Hadeeqatul Mahdi (Oaklands Farm)

Pay Phone

The pay phone in Islamabad and Hadeeqatul Mahdi (Oaklands Farm) would be available for use. Further information can be obtained from Jalsa Salana Office / Information Office. There are a number of calling cards available, which are of the denomination of £5, from the local shops.

Travellers Cheque And Cheques

There are no facilities for exchange of currency and travellers cheques at Baitul Futuh, Islamabad or Hadeeqatul Mahdi. Guests are advised to bring some cash in Pound Sterling for their use.

VAT Refunds

Overseas guests who buy goods or gifts to take home on which they have paid VAT (Value Added Tax) can claim this tax back. VAT in UK is 20% on all purchases. This can be claimed at the Airport and the VAT refund counters are usually near the counters from where you get the boarding cards. To make a claim you need to show them the original receipts that mention VAT. Further information can be obtained from the information office.

London Seeightseeing

Many London Sightseeing Coaches run from Victoria Station. The convenient method of travelling within London is by London Underground trains. Please note that these trains do not run between midnight and early morning London Underground Map is enclosed and will also be available at the Information Office. Please also note that driving through Central London on week days would incur congestion charges, which has to be paid on the day of travel. It is strongly advised to avoid driving through Central London on week days.. During weekends there is no congestion charge.

Lost Luggage

The guests are advised to take good care of their luggage and possessions during their travel. In case of any loss, proper claims on the prescribed forms should be filed with the Airline before leaving the custom baggage hall. A copy of the Claim Form must be kept safely for subsequent reference. Moreover, valuables including Passports, Jewellery, Watches and Cash should not be left unattended at any time while staying in Islamabad, Hadeeqatul Mahdi or anywhere else. The UK Jama’at will not accept any responsibility for any loss whatsoever.


Please help us in keeping Islamabad, Hadeeqatul Mahdi and Baitul Futuh tidy. Litter bins will be available at various places. Please make use of these bins and do not throw rubbish on the ground.

Stall Closing Times

Food & Snack stalls, Tea Stalls and Book stalls as well as food distribution marquees will remain closed during Jalsa programmes & prayer times. Please honour these arrangement.

Respect For Neighbours

Please :
i      Respect our neighbours .
ii     Do not disturb them by making noise.
iii    Do not trespass on their property.
iv     Do not jump over their fences.
V     Do not park in their driveways.


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