Accommodation in Marquees:
Overseas guests who are unable to make their own lodging arrangements will be accommodated in large Marquees at Hadeeqatul Mahdi. Only mattresses will be provided free of charge against a £10 refundable deposit per mattress. The bedding will have to be arranged by guests themselves. A limited number of single bedding sets will also be
available on a purchase price of £12. Bedding will consist of a quilt, a bed sheet and a pillow with cover. Bedding will be provided on a “first come, first served” basis. Due to limited stock of bedding and mattresses, all members of the UK Jama’at staying at Hadeeqatul Mahdi are requested to bring their own sleeping bags & beddings.
Private Tents & Caravans:
Members desiring to bring their own Tents or Caravans to Hadeeqatul Mahdi
are requested to obtain prior approval (verification will be required from
President or Ameer) from Afsar Jalsa Salana. Requisite approval must be in

Please bring along your own personal beddings.
Private Tents (Hiring):
A limited number of tents will also be available for hire at Hadeeqatul Mahdi (Oaklands Farm). Guests desiring to reserve a tent, must make an application to Afsar Jalsa Salana, to be verified by the respective President or National Ameer, with full payment in advance.
The cheque should be made payable to: “JALSA SALANA ACCOUNT NUMBER 1”.

Cancellation of Booking for Tents:
If you wish to cancel your booking please send in writing a letter to this effect, two weeks before the start of Jalsa. You will only be entitled to a full refund, if this is adhered to.

Bedding may be purchased and Tents hired (subject to availability) at the following prices:

Hiring Charges & Purchase Price
Bedding (Pillow with Cover, Quilt & Sheet) – £12.00 – Purchase
Camping Tent (6 persons) £60.00 – Hire only
Camping Tent (8 persons) £120.00 – Hire only
Camping tents are commercially available and guests are advised to buy a tent of their own choice.
Hotels Accommodation:
Guests are advised to book their own hotel accommodation (please see relevant hotels websites for booking). The Administration of Jalsa Salana apologises for not being able to arrange reservations of hotel rooms on behalf of any individual guest.
Space for Private Tents and/or Caravans:
Tents and/or Caravans will be pitched in designated areas in Hadeeqatul Mahdi. Please note that no light and/or power connection will be provided by the Jalsa administration. The owners should make necessary arrangements on their own, however street lights will be there.



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